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The new name Teach Meet was created by Ewan Mc Intosh and agreed upon by the attendees of the first event.

The 2nd Edition was held in Glasgow on 20 September 2006.

Participants volunteer (via the Teach Meet website) to demonstrate good practice they've delivered over the past year, or discuss a product that enhances classroom practice.

Originally conceived in the summer of 2006 in Edinburgh, Scotland, under the name "Scot Edu Blogs Meetup".

During my research I found a post on ‘The Yellow Box’, which had been taken from The George Spencer Academy.

Employing this strategy allows the teacher to mark a section of work in great detail, highlight that to the student via the yellow box.

A Teach Meet is an organised but informal meeting (in the style of an unconference) for teachers to share good practice, practical innovations and personal insights in teaching.

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You’ll still be able to search, browse and read our articles, but you won’t be able to register, edit your account, purchase content, or activate tokens or eprints during that period.The activity is designed as an in-class competition between lab groups.Answer key available to classroom instructors with verifiable email addresses.Motivating this group to respond to my feedback independently is not easy.I feel this process is essential and I had been looking for a simple way to motivate them to do so.

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