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Or throwing lit butts out of cars in a forest fire zone. My dad was and still is a smoker and my mom is allergic to it! I asked, at random, people who didn't carry the odor (both smokers and non smokers - I would ask if they smoked and I would ask people I saw smoking) and all said no..really...every so often fried, but, mainly grilled or baked. Non smokers usually don't and YES, kissing a non smoker, there can easily be a bad taste because they feel since they don't smoke, they don't need the mints/etc. I have never smoked, and never lived in a house with a smoker.Or clogging the toilet with soggy butts (cigarettes, that is). So i guess im just used to sitting outside in the evening after a meal, enjoying a long conversation while someone else enjoys a smoke. I would actually ask people, when I smelled the odor coming off of em, if they like fried foods. Sooo, reason I am mentioning this is I have run across other people who have this thing about odors coming from people who eat fried food and it making them sicky to their stomachs. I dated a smoker a few years ago, and I've decided I am not going there again.With the Atlantic Ocean only minutes from her doorstep, Donna has found a fresh take on life and promises even more great romances in the near future! Mary-Kate has a great new hobby--acting She's got the starring role in the next school play. Valerie is the most popular girl in school and she was even on t.v.Teoría sobre la distribución y jerarquización de los lugares centrales en un espacio isotrópico.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

Thank you for any insight you can offer as I am sure I am not the only one who has thought about this. If I like him in every other way , I can and will overlook this. It can be a deal breaker if he is a heavy smoker being that I get rather sick being exposed to smoke for an extended period of time. Doesn't bother me as long as she doesn't blow it up my ass or in my face, or use my open mouth when I'm sleeping for an ashtray. Being a smoker, I know what smoke does (I quit while pregnant with both of my sons and noticed the difference between light smokers - actually a decent odor and those who smoke heavy in enclosed areas...

There was a time when I had a big time crush on a smoker, a heroin addict, a man who stuttered and my 8th grade physics teacher ofcourse. It wouldn't deter me from contacting someone but it could be a deal breaker for the possibility of something further. Or bending over the pot of an elegant home-cooked meal while keeping a long ash. Or running out of theatres during the crucial plot-revealment to light up. I couldn't - still can't tolerate that)...and, I try to use sanitizers/mints, etc. The thing about the regular eating of fried food, I brought up simply as an fyi trivial tidbit.

I am a smoker and have found myself overlooking profiles of women that do not smoke as I think they would not want to get to know someone who smokes.

Some of them are ones that I think that I might be a good match to,so my question is should I let them decide or should I stick to a lady who smokes? I am at least a respectful smoker and I don't smoke in my apartment and won't smoke in the car with a non smoker, I believe in respect for other people around me and no I would never blow smoke in someones face and won't throw ashes at you or on you :)It depends - I have in the past and I am a non-smoker.

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