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Ben is definitely a mans man, very occur Aussie and carries the straight borderline arrogant attitude well.

He's an alright fella, a straight shooter, seems very upfront We welcome back Jacob and Dean back for a little threeway fun.

To update our last year’s post on the 2014 Facebook NZ Demographics and Insights, here are some interesting developments and statistics for 2015.

We prepared an infographic that will walk you through the key 2015 Facebook NZ Demographics and Statistics - usage and trends, based on a study conducted by Nielsen as commissioned by Facebook.

The numbers speak clearly: More and more Kiwis are using Facebook and this platform remains a critical part of any successful social media marketing strategy.

Website ranking data shows that Facebook is the third most popular site in New Zealand next to nz and

Back chatting (also called back talk) and arguing is universal – all children do it at some point. Arguing back or backchat is a normal part of your child’s development.

It’s a way for them to assert their growing independence.

So, if your mum hasn’t already, she’ll probably try to friend you.

Once you’ve done all that, pat yourself on the back, and know you’ve taken a few more steps towards helping your child turn into a respectful and resourceful adult.

If backchat turns to anger, then you might like to read our Dealing with Anger article, our article on Helping Children Deal with Anger and also why this common anger management strategy is backfiring.

Physical benefits Come and climb in new air conditioned comfort Monday 4pm - 8pm Tuesday 4pm - 8pm Thursday 4pm - 8pm Saturday 11am – 4pm Group Bookings - Contact us to book a group (these can be out of Opening hours - conditions apply) Monday 1pm - 8pm Tuesday 1pm - 8pm Wednesday 1pm-4pm Thursday 1pm - 8pm Friday 1pm-4pm Saturday 11am – 4pm Preschool - 3 Years and Under - 4 years plus - Saturday Special Family Pass (2 adults & 2 children) Membership* per week*conditions apply Entry to Fla Xrock when main doors are closed is around to the side door on the left as the Community Center may be closed but Fla Xrock is OPEN!

The Fla Xrock Community Climbing Wall is operated by the Kiwi Adventure Trust We are passionate about Outdoor and Adventure and always happy to talk about how the outdoors can develop kids and youth, so feel free to chat to us any time.

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