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Atlas Network will announce the winners of its Regional Liberty Awards, which celebrate the most successful projects by Atlas Network partners.Other highlights include: New in 2016, Atlas Network is hosting Regional Liberty Forums in cooperation with local organizing partners.But some of my friends just meet up for sex.” A new report – ‘Adolescents: Under the Radar in the Asia-Pacific AIDS Response’ – published by the Asia-Pacific Inter-Agency Task Team on Young Key Populations, which includes UNICEF, UNAIDS and others, shows that the Asia-Pacific region is facing a ‘hidden epidemic’ of HIV among adolescents.Although new HIV infections are falling overall, they are rising among teenagers.

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Through research, policy support and direct outreach, UNICEF is joining the effort to reverse an alarming trend. Like many other gay adolescents, he uses mobile apps to meet up for dates. “I don’t like to have sex at the first meeting, I prefer to chat and get to know the person first.Welcome by Tricia Yeoh, Institute for Democracy & Economic Affairs, Malaysia Opening Address by Baishali Bomjan, Centre for Civil Society, India Keynote Address: "Asia Liberty Rising" by Dr. In this special panel, we'll introduce you to some of the best and brightest of Atlas Network's partners and let them tell you their stories face to an uplifting and joyous new public television documentary, produced by Free To Choose Network, depicting how previously marginalized populations are benefiting from free-market reforms.This is of course very frustrating as my church is demographically very different to me ( is full of older white folks who are very sweet to me); there are very few Asian Anglicans in Dallas.

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