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Modern humans were carving prehistoric sculpture and creating hand stencils in European rock shelters as early as 39,000 BCE, so it seems only reasonable to suppose that Aussie moderns did the same.To see how Kimberley's rock art fits into developments around the world, see: Prehistoric Art Timeline (from 2.5 million BCE)., Professor David Pearce, Director of the Rock Art Research Institute at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, Adelphine Bonneau of Laval University, and colleagues at the University of Oxford showed that paintings in south-eastern Botswana are at least 5500 years old, whilst paintings in Lesotho and the Eastern Cape Drakensberg, South Africa, date as far back as 3000 years.These dates open the floodgates for researchers to ask and answer questions about the rock art that have baffled them for decades. In some sites, paintings continued to be made for more than a thousand years.“people returned to the same rock shelters over very long periods of time to make rock paintings very similar to those made centuries or millennia before.

This demonstrates, conservatively, that the petroglyph tradition began before 11,100 YBP, probably before 12,600 YBP, and potentially in the 14,000 years range.Although rarely considered, early art has the potential to provide insight into questions that may be obscured by other kinds of evidence, particularly stone tools.What part did art play in the peopling of the Americas?The result is evidence for the development of regional cultural diversity in the Americas by Paleoindian times.Few New World archaeological problems have received more attention than (and experienced as much debate as) the initial peopling of the Americas.

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